Hundreds of kilometers from any place that you have ever spent a minute of your life pondering is a steady hill rising through the semi-abandoned Spanish village of Foncebadòn. Although conclusive evidence is lacking, this crumbling collection of cobbled rock structures with piecemeal roofs of layered sheet metal has undoubtedly stood sentry over one of the world’s longest parades of stone-carrying sinners."

With these words, a new tale begins. Geoffrey Arthur Drewyor's second offbeat travel memoir is the story of his journey on the Camino de Santiago - an ancient religious pilgrimage leading to the alleged site of the bones of St. James the Apostle in northwest Spain. Geoff began this ambitious hike to clear his head after the end of a relationship which had spanned half a decade but finished his voyage for entirely different reasons. Along the way he encountered sunflowers and dehydration, crepes and urine, as well as Mass, masturbators, and the Virgin Mary. He also found himself carrying prayers for ailing strangers and blessing German monks in English after Latin-language ceremonies high in the Spanish hills. Not a bad effort for a young American with smelly feet.

Dumped Man Walking is a tale which is still being written.  Click the excerpts below to test drive the story.

Dumped Man Walking (Currently in the works)