There are two Bill Clintons currently living in Westchester County, New York.  One of them was once President of the United States.  The other one is Geoff's dog.

Bill Clinton the Dog came to Geoff's house as an eight-week-old rescue mutt.  He despises urinating while it's raining; he will play ball well beyond the point of exhaustion; he prefers gangsta rap.

During Bill Clinton's first days in his new home, Geoff commenced a series of conversations which would help him adjust to life on the Manor.  Those conversations have continued as Bill Clinton has grown from a puppy into something resembling an adult.  Subjects thus far have included Christmas, Starbucks abuse, the Schlieffen Plan, and many other essential life lessons.  The conversations will continue periodically until Bill Clinton has learned everything.

Geoff and Bill Clinton encourage you to not only join the conversation but to have your own canine friends watch along with you.  Together, we can make this world a better place for dogs and humans.

Conversations with Bill Clinton