About Geoffrey Arthur Drewyor

Geoffrey Arthur Drewyor (born 1979) spent his entire childhood in Elmore, Ohio before going on to complete International Business and French degrees at Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio. During his time at Mount Union he played a great deal of Ultimate Frisbee and repeatedly claimed victory in the Big-Ass Non-Swimmer Swim Championships due to the fact that most of his competition was drowning.

Since then he has spent time in Europe, Africa, Alaska, and the East Coast of the United States on various adventures while also obtaining a Master's Degree in Journalism from Boston University and directing over 300 educational student tours. He currently resides in the Hudson River Valley near a nuclear power plant and a prison with his wife, his sons Woody and Bill Clinton, and a bunch of hornets which attempt to kill him each summer.

Geoff's first book - WIFFLE Ball Summer: The Ride of the Elmoron - was released in 2011 and is available now. His second offbeat travel memoir - Dumped Man Walking - is currently in the works as are other ongoing projects such as Feet-In-Front  wherein Geoff takes pictures of his feet in front of things for his own amusement and Old Fellas  wherein Geoff channels the thoughts of old guys in varying settings.